Small-town lifestyle meets big-city opportunity in Falls City.

The American dream lives in Falls City. Many facilities have undergone major upgrades including a hospital, specialty clinics, baseball fields and a library and arts center. Culture thrives within Falls City and community is the cornerstone to a way of life you won’t find anywhere else.

Falls City is the perfect place to start a career or family. Begin your legacy in a city where you can make an impact and where people know you by name. Low cost of living and affordable housing options make Falls City an attractive place to call home.


Falls City is LESS THAN a 90-minute drive from Topeka, KS, Kansas City, MO, as well as Lincoln and Omaha, NE. All of the best entertainment and biggest shows are just a short drive away.

Falls City Area Realtors

Poppe Realty & Management

Brian Poppe
1616 Harlan Street
Falls City, NE 68355

Falls City Realty

Ed Kirkendall or
LaMarr Matthes

2222 Harlan Street
Falls City, NE 68355

Miller-Monroe Company, Inc.

Steve Kottich or
Steve Simon

1608 Stone Street
Falls City, NE 68355

Sikora Realty

Nic Sikora
1113 E 17th Street
Falls City, NE 68355